Fat Injections

A major cause of visible aging is not just the gradual descent of tissue, but perhaps more importantly – volume loss. As we age, we lose fat in the face that has given us the cherubic look of early childhood and the nice full look of our youthful faces in our 20’s and 30’s. The loss of that fat can be reversed with fat injections.

This is an office-based procedure performed under only local anesthesia that utilizes microcannulas to “borrow” small amounts of fat from the belly or thigh and replace it into areas of the face that have significant volume loss.

Benefits of Fat Injections

Fat injections can improve:

  • Hollow or darkened circles under the eyes
  • Moderate to deep facial wrinkles and folds including nasolabial folds and marionette lines
  • Weak ordroopy cheekbones
  • Hollowed cheek and chin areas
  • Fat injectionscan be used to give the appearance of eyelid surgery or improve sagging eyebrows.

Sometimes, a combination of dermal fillers with the fat injection is the best way to achieve your desired look. Other fillers combined with fat injection that we offer include Radiesse®, Restylane®, Juvéderm®, Belotero, Sculptra®, and Collagen.

The Fat Injection Procedure 

Fat micro-injections are a simple and quick procedure. The face and donor sites are numbed using Lidocaine to prevent discomfort, the cannula to draw up the fat is small (“microcannula”), and the fat is drawn into a syringe.

After spinning the fat down to remove unnecessary byproducts, it is then reinjected into the desired location of the face using a sterile technique. Based on the results you want and our experience with this procedure, Dr. Dutton will place the fat injections in a way that will add volume in the desired areas and sculpt your face for a younger appearance.

While length of results vary, fat injections are completely or at least partially permanent.

Fat Injection Recovery

The downtime with fat injection is a few days to a week. You will experience some minor inflammation and bruising for a week or two. Small lumps around the injection sites may also develop. These are not generally visible, and they resolve quickly. If swelling is a problem, you can elevate your head with pillows the first few nights and use an ice pack, if necessary.

Fat micro-injection is a relatively safe, minimally invasive method to permanently reverse the volume loss of aging. It is usually recommended for older patients with significant volume loss, deeper lines, and deeper wrinkles.

If you want to turn back the clock without surgery, contact Dr. Dutton’s office today for fat injections in the Chicago / Oak Brook / DuPage County, Illinois area.

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