RealSelf Patient Reviews of Jay Dutton, MD

I was never a fan of my nose. I also had bad sinus problems especially this past year before surgery. Dr. Dutton was very willing to help. He made sure I felt comfortable with what was going to be done. I am now two months out of surgery and I am loving my nose more and more each day. It is perfect and now, I can breathe! Its all thanks to Dr. Dutton! He is willing to help with any concerns I have to this day and I am so thankful that I have such a great doctor. I recommend him to anyone for both plastic surgery and sinus problems! The BEST!”

– Anonymous

“Dr. Dutton was extremely professional and caring. He truly listened to my issues and concerns. His primary concern and approach was to first fix the functionality of the nose before worrying about the cosmetic look and his clinical experience made me feel extremely confident about his abilities. His bedside manner before and after surgery was excellent. I had a wonderful experience and would recommend him for septoplasty and nasal reconstruction surgeries.”

– Anonymous

“Dr. Dutton with his extensive training is one of the finest ENT/ Facial Plastic Surgeons. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I needed major reconstructive septoplasty/rhinoplasty to look like my natural self. He takes the time to listen and explain. He works hard with you to get the results you want/need. I have 100% trust and confidence in him. I am very satisfied. I have and do recommend him to others. His staff is great and accommodating. I was very grateful to have him as my surgeon.”

– Anonymous

“Dr. Jay Dutton was extremely professional, He explained, in detail, the procedure and the result I would experience and he was exactly correct. My nose looks fabulous. Dr. Dutton was very easy to talk to and he helped me make decisions and was very knowledgeable and patient. He took the time to answer all my questions and I was not rushed out. I have recommended friends of mine to see Dr. Dutton and my friends are just as pleased with the service Dr. Dutton’s office provided.”

– Jill A.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Jay Dutton for some time now, He has treated me for Sinus Infections and Sinus related breathing problems and I ended up needing a Septoplasty and Sinus Surgery this past year and I’m very happy with the results! I can breath much better and he also revised my septum and the tip of my nose and I could not be more pleased! My nose looks great! And I can breath much better!! I never have to wait when I arrive for my appointment and the staff is wonderful. Drew, Stefanie, the Medical Assistants and Chris, Dr. Dutton’s PA, is great also. Whenever I call with a question or need a medication refill they call me back immediately. I’m very pleased with the care and treatment I received from Dr. Jay Dutton and his staff and would recommend him to my friends and family!”

– Kim P.

“Dr. Dutton is amazing! He is a busy guy because he is so good. Be patient if you may have to wait, because he will spend time with you. I have never experienced a long wait time, but I am sure it happens, especially during the big sinus times, i.e. spring, fall and winter, Basically, life in Chicago, Illinois. Anyways, he is also an amazing plastic surgeon. I have had a neck lift, and mid face lift from him. I have had great results. I am 54 years old and he made me look like I’m 34. He is seriously a gifted surgeon. He has steady hands and great insight to what you want him to do. I also had an upper eye lift from him with great results as well. He does a lot of different surgeries . He does great Rhinoplasty, tonsillectomies ,etc. He does BOTOX® and face peels too. He will pretty much do whatever you want as long as he is comfortable with it. He is just a great guy with a great personality and he really cares about his patients. By the way, he is also very handsome and tall! Oh yeah, his staff his great too. There is Drew, who is just too cool and smart and very good at what he does. Tiffany, is the best person to ask your questions about what’s going on and does not get all in your face about it. Just a great relaxed atmosphere and all around good people and place to go for your ENT needs and more! Check it out!”

– Carolyn S.

“I have seen other doctors but really clicked with Dr. Dutton. We tried medications at first and they helped a little bit, but once I got to know and trust him we ended up doing sinus surgery with a Rhinoplasty. I got an excellent result. I look better, but most importantly feel better. No problems with the surgery. Highly recommend Dr. Dutton”

– Anon