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Is Balloon Sinus Dilation for You?

Do you suffer from frequent sinus pain and inflammation? If so, the professional staff at Rhinoplasty Institute of Chicago sympathies with you. Any individual who has experienced sinusitis—an inflammation of the sinus lining—knows that symptoms can range from facial discomfort to loss of smell and taste, even headaches, and congestion. Good news, though! There is a safe, non-invasive treatment available that can leave you feeling wonderful again: balloon sinus dilation.

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About Balloon Sinus Dilation

While balloon sinus dilation may not be a household treatment name, it proves to be highly beneficial for qualified patients. Also referred to as balloon sinuplasty (BSP), this treatment has become a breakthrough in endoscopic surgery and is highly effective in assisting patients with chronic sinusitis.

Better yet, this treatment is less invasive than other treatments and surgeries to address similar issues. Most patients are pleased to discover that there are no incisions requires. Instead, Dr. Dutton uses a small, flexible balloon catheter to open the blocked sinus passageways, ultimately prompting the drainage of mucus that causes chronic sinusitis symptoms. After the balloon has been inflated, it restructures and widens the walls of the sinus passageways, while simultaneously protecting the lining of the sinus.

Finally, the doctor will spray saline into the inflamed sinus, helping to flush mucus that creates pain and discomfort. The balloon will then be removed, leaving the sinuses open.

Because each patient is different and has various needs, the length of the procedure can fluctuate. However, in general, you can expect to spend between one and two hours at our facility. During your consultation with the doctor, you will get a better understanding of how long the procedure will take for your needs.

After Treatment

Following treatment, patients report an improvement in their health and overall quality of life, as sinus symptoms have ceased or lessened. The length of recovery will differ from patient to patient, but in most cases, individuals who receive treatment with balloon sinus dilation return to work within two days. You will be permitted to immediately resume your daily schedule if you feel up to it.

Risks Associated with Balloon Sinus Dilation

As with any medical treatment, there is some risk of side effects and complications. When the balloon sinuplasty is performed by an educated and trained professional, such as Dr. Dutton, risks are greatly reduced. Potential complications possible with balloon sinuplasty include the following:

  • Post-operative bleeding
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Allergic reaction
  • Infection

It is significant to note that the symptoms listed above are rare. If symptoms do occur, they often subside quickly, often within a week’s time. If you have questions or concerns regarding the treatment, or whether balloon sinuplasty is for you, please address these issues during your consultation. During this time, Dr. Dutton will inquire about your medical history and current symptoms, helping to determine the best options for your needs.

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Living with frequently inflamed sinuses and sinus infections can be both painful and inconvenient. You deserve a better quality of life and feelings of wellbeing. Consider balloon sinuplasty for easy breathing and improved wellness.

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