Eyebrow and Forehead Lift in Chicago

Your age might only be a number, but it can still impact your appearance. Like everywhere else on your body, skin laxity and volume loss can lead to wrinkles that make you look older. In addition, the unwanted furrows that can appear on your forehead, combined with sagging eyebrows, can be a particularly sore point once you reach middle age. Rather than settling for a life with these signs of getting older, consider rejuvenating your appearance with browplasty – brow or forehead lifts.

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The Cause of Forehead Wrinkles

To understand how brow and forehead lifts can improve your overall appearance, it’s essential to understand what causes these characteristic signs of aging in the first place. Like wrinkles that appear elsewhere on your body, the development of creases and sagging skin above your eyes traces back to changing collagen production.

Collagen is a vital building block of your body. The protein supports healthy muscle growth, gives skin its elasticity, and supports skin cell recovery. When we’re young, our bodies produce this protein at a high rate, which creates youthful-looking facial volume and smooth skin. However, collagen production begins to slow as we age, allowing damage caused by the sun and other external factors to significantly impact skin cells. At the same time, facial fat begins to diminish, causing our faces to lose their youthful volume and appear thinner. This combination of factors ultimately causes the skin to lose elasticity and become looser, creating the sagging eyebrows and forehead wrinkles we associate with aging.

While you have several options for treating these symptoms, only one offers long-term results – brow and forehead lift.

What Is a Brow Lift?

Sometimes known as an eyebrow lift or forehead lift, browplasty is a way to smooth forehead wrinkles and reposition drooping eyebrows for a more youthful appearance. Several techniques are available, depending on your aesthetic goals. For this reason, a successful outcome hinges on your plastic surgeon’s skill.

Dr. Dutton, director of the Rhinoplasty Institute of Chicago, is an expert in facial plastic surgery, having been division chief of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at Rush University Medical Center. He is also double board-certified in otolaryngology and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. In addition, he has written numerous peer-reviewed articles in the field.

Some people are good candidates for a minimally invasive procedure called an endoscopic brow lift. In other cases, Dr. Dutton advises a bicoronal, trichophytic, direct, or mid-forehead lift. His goal for all patients is to provide a safe surgery and natural-looking results.

Who Is a Candidate for a Brow Lift in Chicago?

One of the advantages of brow and forehead lifts is that the procedure can discreetly address nearly all wrinkles and sagging around the eyebrows and forehead. In particular, a brow or forehead lift can improve:

  • Horizontal forehead wrinkles
  • Lines on the bridge of the nose
  • Vertical frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Sagging eyebrows

Some patients opt to have cosmetic eyelid surgery or a chin implant at the same time as a brow lift/forehead lift.

The Browlift Procedure

After a thorough examination, Dr. Dutton will devise a surgical plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Depending on his determination, he might place incisions directly in your eyebrows, in a forehead crease, or on the scalp.

The endoscopic method involves making small, hidden incisions in the hairline and using an endoscope to delicately tunnel under the forehead and elevate the brow. Positioning the tunnel deeper into your cheeks can elevate sagging tissues and contour your cheekbones in an endoscopic midface lift.

You may be under general anesthesia or a local anesthetic with sedation during surgery. During the surgery, Dr. Dutton removes any excess skin and tissue, tightens the skin and muscles, lifts the eyebrows, and sutures the tissue in its new placement for a younger look.

Recovery After Brow Lift in Chicago

All surgeries require a healing period. Patients considering this facial lift can expect to spend up to two weeks recovering from their procedure. During the first few days, we recommend staying home and taking it easy, keeping your head elevated and avoiding activities that require bending over. You will need to return to our Chicago plastic surgeon several days after surgery for a follow-up appointment to check your progress and have any non-dissolvable sutures removed.

You can expect to experience some mild swelling, tenderness, and bruising during the first weeks following surgery. However, these side effects are usually not significantly noticeable and subside within a few weeks following the procedure. You can cover any persistent bruising with makeup.

Everyone heals at a different rate. During your consultations and pre-operative visits, Dr. Dutton will explain what you can expect after your surgery and give you complete post-operative instructions, including when you can return to work and exercise. This attention to detail and personal care has cemented Dr. Dutton’s expertise as one of the region’s leading expert facial plastic surgeons. Dr. Dutton not only performs complex facial reconstructions but has also taught facial plastic surgery techniques to other physicians. You can count on him for a safe, optimal result.

Learn More at the Rhinoplasty Institute of Chicago

Eyebrow lifts and forehead lifts are sought-after procedures that can improve your overall appearance and self-confidence. Discover how the procedure can transform your appearance – call the Rhinoplasty Institute of Chicago at (630) 574-8222 or contact us online today for a consultation. Together, we’ll build the best treatment strategy for you!

Browlift FAQs

How much does it cost to lift your eyebrows?

Your total price tag will depend on your unique surgical plan, what concerns you want to address, and whether you want to combine your brow lift with other procedures. Dr. Dutton can give you an accurate price quote at your consultation.

How long does a brow lift outcome last?

Brow lifts can deliver aesthetic benefits for years. However, the procedure does not stop the body’s natural aging process. Therefore, your results can begin to fade depending on factors like your skin care routine and the lifestyle choices you make.

Are brow lifts worth it?

When you choose to partner with an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Dutton, you can get beautiful, natural-looking results you will be proud to show off.

Which is better – blepharoplasty or brow lift?

An eyelid lift addresses different issues than a brow lift – namely, drooping upper and lower eyelids that can give you a permanently fatigued appearance. A brow lift resolves loose skin on the forehead and brow that may obscure your eyes and make you look angry. Depending on what problems you hope to address, you can combine these procedures for an overall more youthful and approachable look.

Can a brow lift fix hooded eyes?

Yes. Brow lift surgery reduces heavy, sagging brows. In addition, it can help correct hooded eyes and treat deep furrows.

What is the difference between a forehead lift and a brow lift?

A brow lift can address the central portion of the brow, the lateral section of the brow, or both. Most forehead lifts will lift the entire brow, but not all brow lifts will elevate the forehead.

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