For people suffering from nasal obstruction, the simple act of breathing can be cumbersome and taxing. One of the most severe contributors to nasal obstruction is nasal valve collapse, a condition where the air passages collapse during inhalation, creating considerable airway resistance. Nasal valve collapse is caused by a weakened upper and/or lower lateral nasal wall, a condition that until recently, had no effective noninvasive treatment.

Thanks to Latera, one of the newest and most innovative medical devices, patients can now have the freedom to live and breathe freely. Latera is a new minimally invasive treatment for nasal obstruction, that once implanted, can give the nasal passages the structural support to prevent collapse.

How Latera Works

Latera is a small, two-pronged implant that’s inserted into the nose to provide structural support for weakened upper and/or lower lateral nasal walls. The implant is made out of a clear plastic that is absorbed into the body over 18 months. Once the implant has been inserted, the patient will not be able to feel it, but they will be able to breathe free and clear.

Latera Procedure

Using a cannula that reaches deep into the nose, Latera is delivered into the nasal wall and implanted into the nose. The procedure is incredibly quick, lasting only a few minutes for either side of the nose. Latera can be administered either under general or local anesthesia, and patients can go home immediately after the procedure.

Latera Benefits

Latera can vastly improve a patient’s everyday life by allowing them to breathe without nasal obstruction. Latera has been shown to improve a patient’s nasal breathing, ability to sleep, and ability to breathe through the nose during strenuous activity and exercise. Latera is especially remarkable because it can fix the structural problems of the nasal airways without altering appearance of the nose—which is often a major concern for patients undergoing functional rhinoplasty.

Since the treatment is minimally invasive, there is no downtime or recovery required after treatment.

If you would like to discuss whether Latera is an effective treatment for your nasal obstruction, contact Dr. Dutton’s office today for a consultation in the Chicago, Oak Brook, Tinley Park, and Illinois areas.