Dr. Jay Dutton Was Featured in Health eNews for His Medical Mission to the Dominican Republic

In addition to performing facial plastic surgery locally, Dr. Dutton has a longstanding commitment to giving back, and he regularly travels to underserved communities that have little to no access to surgical care. His most recent medical mission trip took place in the rural community of Peralta in the Dominican Republic.

Health eNews recently featured the details of Dr. Dutton’s trip on their website, which is the Midwest’s daily source for the latest health news and related information. Read on to learn more about Dr. Dutton’s medical trip to Peralta.

Giving Back in Peralta

As the article in Health eNews mentions, Dr. Dutton joined other medical professionals with the non-profit organization, Community Empowerment Global Health Partnerships, for a medical mission trip to the mountainous village of Peralta in the Dominican Republic. While in Peralta, Dr. Dutton repaired birth defects and performed facial reconstructive surgery on local residents lacking care. The patients presented with a wide range of medical cases, and Dr. Dutton operated on 30 patients total, with each procedure lasting several hours.

The article points out that the village does have a general surgeon, but the majority of major medical care occurs with the help of Dr. Dutton and other physicians who volunteer to help out in Peralta, which has limited access to surgical care.

The article also highlighted the fact that this recent trip marks nine years that Dr. Dutton has been traveling to Peralta for medical missions. In fact, Dr. Dutton was reunited with a former patient whom he operated on more than eight years ago. At the time, the patient was just a child, and Dr. Dutton had performed a cleft palate repair. After hearing about Dr. Dutton’s return to Peralta, the article states that the patient drove two hours to personally thank Dr. Dutton for the surgery he performed years ago.

Experiences like these are what motivate Dr. Dutton to remain committed to the advancement of facial plastic surgery. Whether performing plastic surgery for cosmetic or functional purposes locally and abroad, Dr. Dutton is inspired by the way a surgery can be life changing for patients.

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