EmbraceRF – Chicago’s First Non-Surgical Facelift

Rapid advances in the field of cosmetic medicine have created a number of alternatives to plastic surgery. Foremost among these treatments is EmbraceRF, an innovative system capable of non-surgically remodeling the face. EmbraceRF lifts and tightens sagging facial fat and skin, creating results similar to those experienced after facelift surgery. At his Chicago clinic, Dr. Jay Dutton performs EmbraceRF either alone or in combination with BOTOX® and dermal fillers to painlessly rejuvenate the face.

EmbraceRF: Radiofrequency Anti-Aging Therapy in Chicago

Radiofrequency (RF) treatments have an established history of both medical and cosmetic use. RF is unique in the fact that it can stimulate collagen production (and therefore tighten the skin) without causing the skin to swell or peel. RF energy is regarded as one of the gentlest methods of collagen induction. RF energy is also used to non-surgically dissolve unwanted fat (the mild heat it produces can liquefy the lipids inside fat cells).

EmbraceRF combines both of these established applications into a single, thorough facial procedure. EmbraceRF is a hybrid of InMode’s FaceTite and Fractora systems that removes unwanted fat from the lower face while firming and resurfacing the skin. This addresses two of the main causes of cosmetic facial aging: Sagging facial fat pads and weak, loose skin.

How EmbraceRF Works

As we get older, the fat pads that used to support the cheeks move downwards. Eventually, they integrate with existing fat stores along the jawline and below the chin, forming jowls. In many cases, this process also causes the patient to develop a double chin, even if he or she is slender.

EmbraceRF works to reverse these changes primarily by remodeling adipose tissue within the lower face. This treatment removes excess fat along the jawline and below the chin, sculpting leaner, more youthful contours. At same time, InMode’s patented FaceTite technology stimulates the production of collagen within facial connective tissues. This strengthens the bands of tissue that bind facial skin to the subcutaneous fat below it, effectively raising remaining fat stores back to a more youthful position. FaceTite also causes treated tissues to contract for additional, immediate improvements in skin tightness.

EmbraceRF tackles the more superficial aspects of skin aging, too: While FaceTite strengthens, refines, and lifts tissues below the skin, InMode’s Fractora gently treats the surface of the skin in order to remove age spots, fine lines, and other blemishes. The Fractora system delivers fractionated RF energy into the epidermis via tiny micro-pins (similar to acupuncture needles). This way, the RF energy emitted can penetrate beyond the skin’s surface to dissolve aged, damaged, and discolored cells.

EmbraceRF treatment takes about one hour to complete, and patients can return home immediately afterwards. Local anesthetic is used to numb the face prior to treatment as this prevents patient discomfort.

How Long do the Results of EmbraceRF Last?

EmbraceRF is considered a semi-permanent treatment. The fat cells that are removed during this procedure will not return. However, normal skin aging will continue, so after three to five years, patients may need a second treatment session to enhance their results.

Who Makes a Good Candidate for EmbraceRF?

EmbraceRF might be right for you if you have any of the following concerns:

-You’re worried about the presence of visible jowls, submental fat, or loose, hanging skin below your chin.

-Your face has taken on a droopy, tired look but you don’t feel ready for a facelift.

-Your skin is showing signs of photoaging, such as age spots, excessive freckling, dull or dry patches, or diffuse fine lines.

EmbraceRF produces more dramatic results when applied to younger patients (those under age 60). Mature patients with advanced skin laxity may benefit more from facelift surgery or a combination of surgical and non-surgical therapies. Dr. Dutton will carefully examine the elasticity of your skin during your consultation, then recommend the best treatment protocol to meet your needs.

Recovering from EmbraceRF

One of the best things about RF energy treatments is their complete lack of downtime: Most patients who try EmbraceRF are able to return to all of their normal activities immediately. This procedure will not cause significant discomfort or scarring and it does not carry any risk of serious side effects. Sometimes, patients notice minor redness and inflammation after treatment, but these symptoms resolve quickly (within one to three days, on average).

Arrange a Non-Surgical Facelift Consultation in Chicago with Dr. Dutton

EmbraceRF can subtly and beautifully reshape your face, giving you an alert, revitalized look. If you’re ready to lift a decade off your face—but not ready to go under the knife—this procedure may be exactly what you’re seeking. To learn more about EmbraceRF, contact board-certified Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Jay Dutton online or by phone at 630-574-822.