Five Rhinoplasty Myths Exposed

Each year, more than 500,000 people consult a physician to discuss the appearance of their nose, according to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Many choose to undergo either a cosmetic or functional rhinoplasty (nasal surgery).
Despite the fact that rhinoplasty is so common, misconceptions exist that can discourage some people from looking or feeling better.Vectra

Dr. Jay Dutton of The Rhinoplasty Institute of Chicago would like to explain some of them. Following are some of the most common rhinoplasty myths –and truths– he would like patients to understand:

1) Any plastic surgeon or otolaryngologist can perform a rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is extremely complex and the nose is the most intricate feature of your face. Being off just a millimeter can have a negative impact on the overall outcome of your rhinoplasty, so, while both of these specialists can perform a rhinoplasty, it is beneficial to work with a surgeon who is board certified in both otolaryngology and plastic surgery. Not only is the appearance of your nose important, but also the functional components of the nose. A bad rhinoplasty can affect your breathing, sense of smell and can even create permanent sinus issues.

2) Rhinoplasty recovery takes a long time

Recovery time varies from patient to patient depending on the invasiveness of the procedure and genetics. But, if you limit your physical activity immediately after surgery, your recovery time will be much shorter. Swelling tends to peak two days after surgery and approximately three weeks after surgery you should notice that 90% of your swelling has disappeared. I see patients return to work a week after surgery and return to non-contact exercise just three weeks after surgery.

3) Everyone will know you have had surgery

This is not necessarily true. A skilled surgeon will consult with you, understand your expectations and desires and then help you make an informed decision on how to best perform the procedure. Some surgeons will do anything you want. However, this can lead to disproportionate features, extreme changes to your face and will be obvious to people that you have had surgery. The key is to work with your face and balance your features in an appealing and subtle way.

4) I will have breathing problems following my procedure

The reason it is helpful to work with a surgeon who is certified in both otolaryngology and plastic surgery is because they have extensive ear, nose and throat experience. This allows them to fully understand the anatomy of the nose and the sinuses. A skilled rhinoplasty surgeon will work with patients who want to fix an aesthetic issue while also improving their breathing abilities.

5) Rhinoplasty is only for women

Rhinoplasty is the number one most popular cosmetic surgery for men and that number is increasing. Over the past five years, the number of men choosing cosmetic procedures has increased by 43 percent. Men often are interested in cosmetic rhinoplasty to give their faces a more balanced and masculine look and also find that this helps them in the job market. According to the ASAPS, which began collecting data in 1997, men undergoing cosmetic procedures have increased 273 percent. Male patients cite self-esteem as one of the top three reasons to have facial plastic surgery.

Bottom line:  Schedule a visit with an experienced physician to discuss your individual needs and to answer your questions. “Patients do most of their research online and what they find there can be very misleading,” explains Dr. Dutton. “It’s really best if a patient discusses his or her concerns with a specialist who has done this procedure hundreds of times.”

Dr. Dutton is board certified in otolaryngology (ENT) and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery with extensive experience in advanced rhinoplasty. He performs more than 100 rhinoplasties each year.

“I want all of my patients to be well informed before undergoing surgery,” explains Dr. Dutton. “This makes all the difference in their overall surgery experience and I want all of my patients to leave my office 100% happy.”

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