Rhinoplasty: For A Better Night’s Sleep

An estimated 90 million Americans snore or have trouble breathing while they sleep.  There are many causes of snoring, including chronic nasal congestion, a deviated septum and obstructive sleep apnea.

For patients who have exhausted conservative treatments, such as nose sprays and decongestants, nasal surgery may be an effective solution.  Dr. Jay Dutton of The Rhinoplasty Institute of Chicago in Oak Brook and Tinley Park, IL, is a board-certified otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat physician) who specializes in rhinoplasty (nasal surgery) to treat snoring and breathing issues.

Dr. Dutton recommends patients consider a functional rhinoplasty to treat snoring or breathing trouble if they have obstructed nasal breathing, have had a nasal injury, nasal birth defect, or a collapse of the nasal valves.

Incisions are made inside the nostril or there may be a tiny incision made through the skin of the base of the nose.  Patients undergoing functional rhinoplasty can choose to remain awake during the procedure or undergo general anesthesia to ‘sleep’ through the procedure.

As a bonus for patients, Dr. Dutton is board certified in otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery, making him uniquely qualified to provide cosmetic enhancements during a functional rhinoplasty. “During the procedure I can make a variety of cosmetic adjustments to the nose, like reducing a bump or tweaking its overall shape or size,” he explains.

If you are interested in exploring rhinoplasty to treat snoring or breathing problems,  please contact Dr. Jay Dutton, Rhinoplasty Institute of Chicago, 630-574-8222 or visit www.rhinochicago.com

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