Caitlyn Jenner: The Path to Facial Feminization

Image by Annie Leibovitz via  Vanity Fair

Bruce Jenner’s transformation to his female self, Caitlyn, was no small undertaking.  According to CBS News, her surgery included repositioning of the eyebrows and hairline, chin and jaw reductions, cheek augmentation, lift lips, reducing the size of his Adam’s apple– and more. These procedures will also require periodic touch-ups to keep her face looking fresh and balanced. Her surgeries most likely took more than 10 hours to complete and, according to her comments in the media, she is still considering further changes.

According to a recent report on Entertainment Tonight, Caitlyn’s recent facial feminization surgery most likely cost more than $70,000.

“Undergoing facial feminization surgery is a major decision and patients need to work closely with their surgeon to figure out what is going to make them feel the most confident. Most likely that includes a rhinoplasty, brow lift and BOTOX®.” explains Dr. Jay Dutton of the Midwest Facial Plastic Center.

The most defining feature of a face is the nose, which supports the statistic that each year more than a half a million people undergo nasal surgery. Women usually prefer a narrower nose with a slight scoop while men prefer a more substantial, straight nose with a symmetrical tip.

“Someone transitioning may find it necessary to outwardly display what they feel inside, however, my job as a facial cosmetic surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty, is to make smart, thoughtful choices with my patients,” explains Dr. Dutton. “I believe that everyone deserves to be as happy as possible and if that means removing a bump in the nose or a full facial feminization surgery, I am happy to have that discussion.”

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