Facial Profiling: What Your Face Say About You

According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, first impressions are made based on a person’s face. And, if you are in the job hunt, your face can have a major impact on your likelihood of securing that new job.

In a job market dominated by social media, your profile picture is the first thing potential employers see. So, a positive first impression is a must. Experts agree that small changes can make you appear more trustworthy, dominant or attractive, according to BBC News.

“Small changes made to the face can have a significant impact on how people perceive you,” explains Dr. Jay Dutton, Midwest Facial Plastic Center. “If the sides of your mouth sag a bit, you may appear sad or angry. An individual whose eyes are more open may appear more trustworthy, something that can be achieved with an eye-lift.”


A study at Georgetown University recently analyzed how various facial rejuvenation procedures affected how extroverted, likable and sociable patients seemed to other people. Results showed that no matter the procedure – facelift, eyelift, chin lift – patients who underwent at least one procedure seemed to appear more trustworthy afterward.

“Facial profiling” is the term used to describe how people derive personality traits from an individual’s neutral expression. “We analyze people’s faces all the time and we don’t even consciously realize it,” explains Dr. Dutton. “In fact, our brains make snap decisions on how ‘trustworthy’ someone is based on their face within 30 milliseconds. Obviously, being trustworthy is a value every potential employer would seek,” according to Time Magazine.

Droopy or furrowed brows that cause the eyes to sag may cause you to look sad and gloomy. Wrinkles around the corners of the mouth drag the mouth down and may give off a harsh and unapproachable impression to people.

“I talk to patients all the time who mention how competitive the job market is right now, and I want to help my patients and new patients succeed in the market and get the job they work so hard for.”

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