Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Without Surgery

For many of us, taking time off after a surgical procedure, like a rhinoplasty, can be difficult. Some patients who are interested in slight cosmetic changes to the nose, but aren’t interested in surgery, consider non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a procedure in which injectable fillers are used to alter the appearance of the nose. These fillers can fill in depressed areas, smooth the appearance of a bump and even help lift or adjust the tip of the nose.

“Using fillers to adjust the shape of the nose is a tool that can be utilized for very limited and isolated changes,” explains Dr. Jay Dutton of The Rhinoplasty Institute of Chicago in Oak Brook and Tinley Park, IL.

By injecting fillers into specific areas of the nose, volume is added and the structure of the nose can be molded according to the patient’s desires. Drooping tips may appear to be lifted, nostrils can be made to appear smaller and crooked noses may appear straighter.

The specific type of filler used will determine how long the results last. Typically, they last up to 14 months. Because this in a non-invasive procedure, no general anesthesia.  However, there can be complications, such as skin necrosis (“death”) from a poor blood supply to the skin.

“It is important to speak to a trusted and experienced doctor before exploring the option of fillers because there can be some side effects – like any procedure. It is also important to understand that this does not replace a true rhinoplasty, but rather to refine certain specific areas.” explains Dr. Dutton. “My main goal is to make sure all of my patients fully understand any procedure and what they can expect.”

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