End Sinus Infections for Good

According to WebMD, an estimated 37 million Americans suffer from at least one episode of a sinus infection (sinusitis) each year. Those who experience this condition know the signs: coughing, nasal congestion and headaches that can keep them home from work or school. A case of untreated sinusitis can mean becoming sleep-deprived, sick for up to three months and even depressed.

Most sinus infections (acute sinusitis) can be treated with antibiotics or relieved with home remedies, such as vaporizers, decongestants or saline nasal drops. However, in more serious cases (chronic sinusitis), for which antibiotics are not effective in opening up the sinuses, or if there is a structural abnormality, undergoing surgery can provide relief and even end sinusitis for good.

“Having a chronic sinus infection is one of the most frustrating things because conservative treatment, such as oral antibiotics, doesn’t seem to help,” explains Dr. Jay Dutton of The Rhinoplasty Institute of Chicago in Oak Brook and Tinley Park, IL. “Sinus surgery can help, but symptoms can recur after a year or two and 25 percent of patients will need a second surgery to reopen their scarred over sinuses.”

Dr. Dutton is pleased that The Rhinoplasty Institute of Chicago is of the first in the country to offer a remedy for sinus infections that provides patients exceptional relief and satisfaction.

Propel is a biodegradable sinus implant that provides slow-release steroids directly to the inflamed area without affecting the rest of the body.

“This implant is different because it is placed in the sinus and holds the tissue in place so that it will not close and scar over,” states Dr. Dutton. “The implant is coated with a steroid that slowly dissolves into the sinus and then eventually dissolves, eliminating the need for surgical removal.”

Patients are able to wake up and breathe freely in the recovery room and do not have to wait for days for swelling to decrease. They are able to return to work and activity more quickly than with traditional methods.

“This technique eliminates the potential of a second sinus surgery do to scarring or recurring symptoms,” states Dr. Dutton. “My patients have been very pleased with the results and, most importantly, are no longer dealing with the symptoms of sinus infections.”

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