Facts About Rhinoplasty

Sometimes called a “nose job”, rhinoplasty improves the look and proportion of the nose for cosmetic and functional reasons. It is the 3rd most popular cosmetic procedure in the U.S., being the 1st for men and 3rd for women. Dr. Dutton of the Rhinoplasty Institute of Chicago created this infographic that includes facts about the rhinoplasty procedure. For more information on rhinoplasty, or to schedule a consultation, please contact the Rhinoplasty Institute of Chicago.

4 Most Common Reasons Patients Undergo Rhinoplasty

  1. Asymmetry and Deviation
  2. Humps and Indentations
  3. Proportion Issues
  4. Misshapen Nose Tips

Quick Facts About Rhinoplasty

  • 1-3 hour surgery
  • 1-2 week recovery
  • 89% RealSelf.com worth it rating

Facts About Rhinoplasty