The Simon Cowell Effect: More Men Choosing Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Close-up of a mature businessman smiling

In 2014, Americans spent more than $12 billion on cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures, according to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).  That number represents more than ten million cosmetic procedures of which liposuction, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, tummy tuck and nose surgery were listed as the top five.

However, the gender make-up of those undergoing cosmetic procedures seems to be changing. Over the past five years, the number of men choosing elective cosmetic procedures has increased by 43 percent.

“More and more men are coming into my office eager to explore facial cosmetic procedure options,” explains Dr. Jay Dutton, Midwest Facial Plastic Center. “They talk about competing in the workplace and how appearing younger is becoming more necessary to succeed.”

The most common facial cosmetic procedures for men are eyelid surgery, facelifts and rhinoplasty (nose surgery). They are also choosing nonsurgical skin tightening and hyaluronic acid treatment. “These are the procedures that can make you look and feel ten years younger,” explains Dr. Dutton.

According to the ASAPS, which began collecting data in 1997, men undergoing cosmetic procedures have increased 273 percent. Male patients cite self-esteem as one of the top three reasons to have facial plastic surgery.

“I want my male patients to look as young and attractive as I know they still feel,” says Dr. Dutton. “It is especially helpful being a man and truly being able to understand and appreciate what my male patients are hoping to achieve. Men should feel 100 percent comfortable making the changes they want in order to feel more confident with themselves.”

Even male celebrities are beginning to feel more comfortable speaking about the procedures they have had done. American Idol judge, Simon Cowell, admitted to Glamour magazine that, “BOTOX® is no more unusual than toothpaste…it works, you do it once a year – who cares?”

“It is only going to become more and more common for men to have cosmetic procedures done based on the current trends in social media,” explains Dr. Dutton. “Why wait? They say 50 is the new 30. So why not look it?”

Dr. Dutton is double board certified in both otolaryngology and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery with extensive experience in all aspects of cosmetic surgery, particularly in advanced rhinoplasty, cosmetic eyelid surgery, facelifts and injectables.

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