Cryotherapy (Chronic post-nasal drip) – Rhinitis Treatment

Chronic rhinitis is a concern faced by over 24 million individuals in the U.S. Characterized by a persistently congested, stuffy, and runny nose, chronic rhinitis can impact breathing, the senses of smell and taste, and lead to snoring.

Until recently, treatments for chronic rhinitis depended on a regimen of decongestion pills and nasal sprays – none of which offer a permanent solution to the problem.

Fortunately for the millions of people who deal with chronic rhinitis daily, revolutionary cryotherapy technology can permanently fix the issue and provide patients with congestion-free nasal passages for the rest of their lives.

What is Chronic Rhinitis?

Chronic rhinitis is the result of inflamed nasal linings, which leads to excessive mucus secretion. The condition can be triggered by allergies, can be non-allergenic, or can be a combination of both.

Previously, solutions for chronic rhinitis have been steroid drops, nasal spray, or immunotherapy treatments like antihistamines, allergy shots, and antibiotics. While some of these treatments do reduce the mucus production and provide temporary relief, none of them directly address the cause of rhinitis – inflamed nasal linings.

A Permanent Solution to Inflamed Nasal Linings

The benefits of cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, are beginning to prove themselves in the health and medical industry. As a relatively new technique, cryotherapy involves exposing the body, or parts of the body, to freezing or near-freezing temperatures.

It has been used to treat muscular ailments, joint inflammation conditions, and various other concerns. Fortunately for people suffering from chronic rhinitis, doctors have developed a cryotherapy device specifically designed to target the nasal linings and directly treat the underlying cause of chronic rhinitis and post-nasal drip.

Using a small, hand-held device, Dr. Dutton will perform the nasal cryotherapy treatment under local anesthesia – you won’t feel a thing. The cryotherapy device is precisely placed onto the inflamed areas of the nasal lining, exposing the tissue to freezing temperatures.

By targeting small areas of internal nasal tissue, the inflamed areas freeze, shrink, and are gradually eliminated by the body after treatment. This provides patients with a safe, effective treatment for inflamed nasal linings, which stops the overproduction of mucus and completely eradicates post-nasal drip, congestion, and the runny nose.

Because there’s no heat, cutting, or sutures involved, the procedure is highly effective and has a rapid recovery time. There is a minimal effect on connective tissues, and the results are long-lasting, if not permanent.

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